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Bynder: Spotlight
Awards branding

Find out how Switch Creative played a vital role in the success of Bynder customer advocacy campaign.

The background

Bynder, a leader in Digital Asset Management (DAM) asked us to develop a position and look and feel for an advocacy program.

The Insight

Our research revealed the need for a clear message and design which appealed to creative and brand marketing executives.

The Idea

We created the Bynder Spotlight awards, where creativity in marketing is recognised and rewarded. The design represents a flash of light shining a spotlight on the winners.

“We worked closely with the team at Switch to develop a position for our new award program. From the outset, they understood the brief and came back with fresh designs our internal team could adapt and execute."

Global Marketing


Firing up campaigns

The quicker you can go to market the faster you'll scale. Switch Creative help you fire up creative campaigns that inspire your audience to act.

Our Campaign Accelerator is a fixed cost and time service, designed – and guaranteed to get you to market faster.


It covers integrated campaign strategy, creative execution, demand generation, media strategy and buying. Whether launching a product or service or expanding into new markets, it’s time to be the early bird.

Working with you

We help ambitious organisations that use technology for positive impact to solve big challenges.

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